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Slogan: To be the world’s leading geospatial provider, continuous improvements, creativity through innovative thinking and actions.


PASCO CORPORATION, founded as an aerial surveying company since 1953, has the world’s leading technological capabilities in the fields of sensing (surveying and measuring) and geographical information systems (GIS). For the past 60 years, we have provided complete measurement technology, ranging from ground to airborne and even spaceborne. We have been expanding our business activities from conventional mapping to digital mapping and GIS, and from domestic market to international market by establishing global network. PASCO is a leading distributor of various Earth Observation satellite data, value-added products and applications by applying both optical and SAR satellite imageries to a number of market sectors in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Presently we are focusing on ASEAN business development by promoting Mobile Mapping Road Condition Management services utilizing Mobile Mapping System (MMS) and Road Excellent Automatic Logging (REAL) System.

Headquarters in Japan
  • 1-1-2 Higashiyama
  • Meguro-ku
  • Tokyo,153-0043
  • +81-3-6412-2888
  • +81-3-3791-8023
  • [email protected]

Lịch sử phát triển

 1953: Pacific Koku Sokuryo Co., Ltd. established

1960: Licensed to conduct aerial survey business in Japan

1962: Company name changed to Pacific Aero Survey Co., Ltd.
Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market

1974: Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market as the first company from the survey & mapping industry Adopted the Geographic Information System (GIS)

1981: Started sales of ESRI GIS Basic software in Japan

1983: Company name changed to PASCO CORPORATION

1987: Conducted GPS survey for the first time in Japan

1992: Conducted precise survey for the Nobeyama Radioheliograph installation at the Nobeyama Radio Observatory Cosmic Radio Facilities in Japan

1995: Contributed to the reconstruction of Hanshin area damaged by the Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake, using aerial photographic survey and GIS.
Inaugural member of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Promoting Association

1997: Conducted GPS survey for setting up the test line of linear motor car in Japan

1999: Consultant Division received ISO 9001 accreditation
Joined SECOM Group with the aim of providing GIS oriented Information Services

2000: Started Management Navigation Services
Adapted to Full-Digital Survey Technology

2002: ESRI Japan established
Received ISO9001 and ISMS accreditation

2003: PASCO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Chinese local corporations (SRD, PD) established
Started Internet area marketing service, MarketPlanner
Received ISO14001 accreditation
Started sales of the Vehicle Deployment Support System LogiSTAR

2004: FM-International Oy Finnmap joined PASCO Group
Joined the Kobe Free Mobility Project
Started digital image auto-processing system service

2005: Received exclusive domestic distributorship of TerraSAR-X image data
PASCO China Corporation established
Privacy Mark certified

2006: PASCO Indonesia (PT. Nusantara Secom InfoTech) established
Started Safe Home Return Map Service

2007: TerraSAR-X successfully launched and service started
Started Business Continuity Plan (BCP) support service
Surveying industry's first facility for satellite reception established in Okinawa

2008: Started Satellite national land monitoring

2009: BASE Aerofotogrametria e Projetos S.A. (Brazil) joined PASCO Group
Started Market Analysis Service: Shoken Taisho for Japanese members only

2010: Aerodata International Surveys BVBA (Belgium) joined the PASCO Group
Mobile Mapping System (MMS) deployed nationwide
Started provision of disaster support system service "Countermeasure Headquarters"

2011: The industry's second facility of satellite reception established in Hokkaido
Supporting for the restoration of the Great East Japan Earthquake through the collection and analysis of geospatial information
Keystone Aerial Surveys Inc. (USA) joined PASCO Group

Các dự án / Sản phẩm / Dịch vụ chính

Major projects:
The latest projects dedicating to Asian region:
2012 Emergency Project on Establishment of Digital Elevation Model for Comprehensive Flood Management Plan for Chao Phraya River Basin in Thailand

2012 – 2013 The Pavement Data Collection Survey in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

2011 – 2013 Emergency Project on Establishment of Digital Elevation Model for Comprehensive Flood Management Plan for Chao Phraya River Basin in Thailand

2010 – 2014 The National Geo-Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Development: Component 1: Acquisition and Production of Geo-Spatial Data of Sumatera Islands, Indonesia

2010 – 2012 Topographic Mapping for Peace and Development in Mindanao in Philippines

2010 – 2012 Consulting Services for Acquisition of Satellite Imagery and Digital Elevation Model Procurement of Goods and Related Services of Digital Mapping Unit
Consulting Services for Acquisition of Digital Aerial Photography
Under the Project Improvement of Digital Mapping System of Survey of Bangladesh

2007 – 2008 Aerial Photography NRCC Singapore for NAVFAC Far East

2006 – 2007 Mapping Policy and Topographic Mapping for integrated National Development Plan in the Republic of the Philippines

3D Map Data
3D Elevation Data
High-Precision Aerial Photographs
Satellite imageries (PASCO Satellite Ortho)
Mapping data for GIS

Collecting and Analyzing Geospatial Information
Mapping solutions
Road Condition Management Survey
Mobile Mapping System (MMS)
GIS services to support National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)
Forestry Management contributing to REDD
Regional strategy analysis consulting services
Local government and administrative consulting services
Area marketing service, MarketPlanner
Management Navigation Services
Business Continuity Plan (BCP) support service
Disaster support system service "Countermeasure Headquarters"
The Vehicle Deployment Support System LogiSTAR