Lĩnh vực: Thực phẩm & đồ uống

Slogan: “We preserve the beautiful Japanese rice field and the culture through rice products and we contribute to a delightful people’s food life.”


  • 6-1-21 Sakaemachidori,
  • Chuo-ku, Kobe
  • 650-0023 HYOGO
  • +81-371-2131
  • +81-371-2217(International Department)
  •  [email protected]

Lịch sử phát triển

1902   Establishment of Kobe Seimai Co.,Ltd.

1972   Company name change from Kobe Seimai Co.,Ltd to Shinmei Co.,Ltd.

1977   Built Hanshin factory

1985   Built Kobe factory

1993   Built Nishinomiya-Hama North factory

1996   Established Tokyo branch

1998   Established Kyushu branch

1998   Built Nishinomiya-Hama South factory

2000   Built Kanto factory

2004   Built Kyushu factory

2004   Established Tohoku branch

2007   Unified Nishinomiya-Hama South with North factory and renamed to “Nishinomiya-Hama factory”

2009   Established Shinmei Co.,Ltd. Chubu branch

2011   Established SHINMEI FOOD (LANGFANG) CO.,LTD. (China)

2011   Established SHINMEI U.S.A. CORPORATION (USA)

2012   Established CHENGDU SAKAEMACHI FOODS CO.,LTD. (China) and closed Kobe Factory

2012   Established Shinmei Co.,Ltd. Hiroshima branch

2012   Built Chushikoku factory

2013   Established Shinmei Asia Limited (Hong Kong)

Các dự án / Sản phẩm / Dịch vụ chính

“Akafuji ” brand rice
With its major brand “Akafuji” rice, Shinmei has become the biggest private rice company in Japan and now exports Japanese rice in all over the world. Shinmei also supplies several countries’ rice through its brunches for different Japanese food companies.